Ain't No Butterfly...

We constructed a show tonight with two halves and placed performers according to where they would fit the structure. It was a balance between almost soft and loud as well as other aspects.

There was also a feeling of inevitability about tonight's class because we are now concentrating on refining material we have already created. It is more or less there, done, waiting for revision.

Some of us are using news as a basis for our material, and so for me the impending divorce of Madge and Guy is a godsend. But it also means that I am sinking into the mire. Let me put it this way when I read that Guy was bummed out with his marriage, it was clear that this had no connection to boredom.

My persona therefore sinks lower and lower. Chris was nice enough to say that the contrast between my voice's smooth delivery and the "naughtiness" of what is actually said creates an obvious disjuncture. Anger, woe, and frustration all play their part. The last two weeks have opened my eyes to another me.

I'm happy I've begun to find my voice: it's not what I expected. So, up with the introspection and on with the rehearsing and writing. And it's still hard.