Weird Personas

The personas are coming to the fore now the more we perform in class. There's the City boy, the charmer, the self-deprecator, the mouth and more. None of them has been forced but you can see an element of inner struggle as the persona works its way through the layers of consciousness we overlay on everything. (Give it up for the superego!)

Mine is more mixed than I thought. Chris, our tutor, said something about a mixture of charm and harshness. The charm is in the delivery and the harshness appears in the words. There is a suppressed anger emerging. I like it: it's a new me. I'm still trying to come to terms with it.

We listened to Jerry Seinfeld riffing on New York cabs. If you've been in them, you'll empathize immediately. It was only two and a half minutes, but by the time we'd analyzed it, we were exhausted at seeing what he was doing--anthropomorphism, bathos, 3 part lists, inner monologues and much more. According to Chris, Seinfeld probably performed this material a hundred times before he considered right for recording.

Here is a YouTube clip of the piece, which is an earlier "draft". And there are many differences between this "unrefined" performance and the one I heard. So much to learn. It's fantastic!