Graduate Junction

Here's a new source for graduate students,, which is worth supporting. All graduate students should be urged to join.

Graduate Junction is the first website to bring together Masters, PhD and Postdoctoral researchers and scholars from any discipline across the globe. Graduate Junction provides an easy way of making contact and communicating with others who share common research interests. Graduate Junction also aims to provide comprehensive searchable listings of information relevant to the graduate research community.

  • Create a personal research profile page
  • Establish a network of researchers who share your research interests
  • Join or create online research groups
  • Initiate discussions and exchange useful tips
  • Search up to date conference and career information relevant to you
  • Share general research advice in our advice forum and much more

Graduate Junction has been designed by other graduate researchers to be simple and to provide only information and functionality that is relevant. Click here to find out more about the Graduate Junction Team and our vision.

Graduate Junction is very new so we need your help to build a global graduate research community. Even if you can’t find others who share your research interests yet, fill in some basic details on your profile so that as the news spreads others will be able to find you. Help us build the global research community by inviting other researchers and spreading the news at your university.