Snowy, Snowy London!

This is taken out of the front window of my study in London. It's snowing harder and harder.

And this shot is from the study back window looking down between the rows of houses.

We have had around 6 inches (15 cm) of snow overnight and London has ground to a halt! There are no buses, the Tube has all but stopped, the trains are erratic, and my friend, Simon, didn't stand a chance flying to Berlin today for his conference.

A friend of mine called to say she was walking to work down Regent's Street to Westminster Bridge. She had to stop for a coffee to warm her feet. Another friend came in from Northampton, where there wasn't much snow, and was rather shocked when she arrived here.

If you are like me and cycle around London on a Brompton, (and there are lots of them now)then here you go.

When I lived in Chicago, during my PhD, the city always got several feet of snow in winter and out would come the snow ploughs and gritters. The snow would be shipped downstate in trains. One year the mayor was slow in clearing the snow. Of course he lost the next election. I think Boris better get his skates on...