Merging Inner Temple and Middle Temple Libraries

I am reposting an item from CharonQC's blog in which he asks for your vote on the possible merger effects:

Poll: Inner Temple and Middle Temple Library merger possibility

There is a feasibility study by Inner Temple and Middle Temple ‘to investigate the potential benefits of merging their Libraries and creating a Joint Education and Advocacy Centre.’

The full text of the statement by Vivian Robinson QC, Treasurer of Inner Temple may be viewed here.

To get a rough idea of sentiment from members and others about the plan to merge the libraries I wonder if you would be kind enough to take a bit of time to fill in this Poll. I ask but one straightforward question. It does not pretend to be a scientific poll but it will, at least, give an idea of sentiment. You may of course, comment on the idea in the comments section below and I would be delighted if you would.(Previous comments are available in the comments section to this earlier post)

If you are a fellow blogger may I ask a favour and ask you to put a piece on your blog drawing attention to this poll. If you are a law librarian or academic or student, would you be kind enough to spread the word.

At least, with a poll, we will get some idea of the view of directly and indirectly interested parties.


Shelly Smith said…
Nice thoughts..

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