When Two Tribes Go to War...

The Father, The Son, and The Holy Mouse (TheDamnMushroom)

"Are we living in a land where sex and horror are the new gods?"
-- Frankie Goes To Hollywood, 'Two Tribes'

There's an interesting debate at CharonQC on the Bar and solicitor-advocates, which goes to the heart of some of the issues of what the English legal profession is. You can find out about solicitor-advocates here.

Here is the opening salvo from CharonQC:
The legal profession as a whole faces competition from the so-called Tesco Law providers; but closer to home, and very much an issue of the present, is the ‘war’ going on between the two main branches of the legal profession – The Bar and Solicitor-advocates.

First, it was Judge Gledhill expressing robust disapproval (at an impromptu press conference at the end of a case ) about the way solicitor-advocates had conducted themselves. Paul Marsh, president of The Law Society, objected. Then it was Lady Justice Janet Smith, president of the Council of The Inns of Court, writing to resident judges seeking evidence about the quality of work done by Solicitor higher-court advocates (HCAs).

Lady Justice Janet Smith has now ‘taken the unusual step’ of withdrawing her letter.

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