Don't Make Lists!

(Thanks to Craven's World)

I met with a friend, Christine Parker, from Australia today and we talked about research and writing. We have both been dealing with a particular British journal that thrives on having each article submitted reviewed by as many reviewers as possible--5 in my case and 6 in hers. It's not easy as I now have a further 3 reviewers on the revision.

The upshot was I decided to list what I had to do over the next several months. And I shouldn't have done it.

  • Finish final revisions on my lawyer-client relationship article for a journal
  • Finish draft of paper for conference in Portugal on "The transformation of access to justice in the UK"
  • Finish chapter on "Professionalism and entrepreneurship: the case of the legal profession in England and Wales" with Daniel Muzio for Handbook of Research on Entrepreneurship in Professional Services
  • Finish revising "Will there be fallout from Clementi? global repercussions for the legal profession after the Legal Services Act 2007" for a journal
  • Plan paper on lawyers, clients, and billing for book on topic: book being edited by former student
  • Consider invitation to contribute chapter, "Legal mechanisms: global, transnational or international?" to book on Capitalism and Capitalisms being edited by friend from another university
  • Finish draft of new book on Barristers' Clerks
  • Revise draft of book on globalization of law
  • Plan panel and paper for legal ethics at Stanford next year and for conference at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London next year
  • Finish drafting paper on "Becoming a global lawyer" with Peter Lederer
  • Think of contributing editors and plan future pieces for
  • Revise grant proposal with Reza Banakar on impact in legal scholarship
  • Prepare grant proposal on legal ethics with four other colleagues on which I am lead PI
  • Finish fieldwork interviews with Daniel Muzio on our "After Clementi/Legal Services Act" project, then prepare bigger research grant proposal
  • There is a fellowship I saw that I should apply for
  • Daniel and I have been thinking about setting up a seminar series
  • I want to hibernate all winter long....

PS. I also met a very interesting lawyer today, Michael Scutt, who is one of the few who has grasped the full implications of the Legal Services Act and the impact of "Tesco Law".


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