New Blog...

(Ok, if you don't know who this is it's Doctor Who)

In the very near future I will be moving my blog to a new home over at my website, My web designer, Caroline Mockett, is making some changes to the layout before the final change occurs.

The blog will be at It's my opportunity to put most of my virtual life in one place.

It's based on Wordpress so there is a new technology to get used to. And I will be scratching my head just like the good doctor above. For a while I will run both the new one and Blogger simultaneously until I decide to switch off the old one.

I'm quite nervous about doing this. I've become used to Blogger and although at times it's slow and clunky, it's like an old friend. So I shall be like Doctor Who and jump in my cyberspace TARDIS and set off for new dimensions....sort of....


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