Start the New Year Right with Charon QC's Blawg Review #245

Charon QC is one of our more esteemed legal commentators. He provokes, he stimulates, and he antagonises all the right people. What more could you ask for?

Go and read his Blawg Review #245 in which he tells us "You are unwise to lower your defences".

Last year in Blawg Review I took on the role of the Lord of Misrule. It appealed to me on this, my fifth Blawg Review, to start with a welcome from the Baron Mandelson of Foy, Prince of Darkness, First Secretary of State, Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills, Lord President of The Council and Witch Finder-General for H M Government….

”You are unwise to lower your defenses”

I have no theme – other than to look at as many good blog posts and bloggers as I can under various quasi-random headings. I can’t visit or cover every blog – caprice is my theme if any. I would also like to wish you a Happy and, being lawyers, a prosperous New Year – although I do appreciate that some criminal and family law practitioners in England & Wales may start crying or laugh in a maniacal way on the matter of prosperity, given the Ministry of Justice’s curious passion for reducing access to justice in our green, pleasant and sceptred land.