"Stop! In the Name of Love..."

I've always loved the Supremes and Motown but recently their new reincarnation at the Supreme Court in the UK maybe earning similar rave reviews and plaudits for their most recent number in Agbaje v. Agbaje, a family law case.

John Bolch at Family Lore lays out the basic facts. (Researching Reform and John Bolch discuss the case in a podcast.) The Nigerian couple married in the UK, acquired British citizenship but then lived in Nigeria for many years. The wife relocated to the UK when the marriage was falling apart. The husband, a successful barristers, pursued his divorce in Nigeria where the court gave the wife a derisory settlement. She applied to get proper financial provision in the English courts.

It took the poor woman five years to get the case through the courts but finally justice prevailed and instead of £21,000 ordered by the Nigerian court, she received £275,000 from the English court.

So, trying to use foreign courts to escape one's responsibilities, especially if the connection with the UK is proven to be strong, won't be permitted. You can see the full judgment here.

You can run but you can't hide.

Here they are! But even with their new gowns, I think Diana and the girls have the edge. And we don't even know if they can sing.


John Bolch said…
I heard they do a pretty cool version of "Stoned Love", but I might be wrong...
John Flood said…