Who's Mr Stupid?

(Thanks to FT)

Buying something on Amazon the other day got me a free credit card. The lure was a discount and free delivery there and then. I'll take it and stick it in a drawer.

The card is due to come in a week. No card but a text message telling me to call to activate my card. Then I get a call from the Bank of America, whose card it is.

Why haven't you activated your new wonderful credit card?

Because you haven't sent me one.

We have.

I haven't received it.

It goes on a bit like this.

We'll send you a new one.


No card comes and I get another call from Bank of America. They take me through their security checks even though I have no card. We repeat the above conversation. I can't quite tell if they have actually sent another card; if they have it's lost too. They offer to send out card #3.

It's been over a month now when the latest call comes through. Repeat above with addition that you've sent me three credit cards so far and someone is eating them.

This one says I actually received my card on February 8 (ie. card #1). Undertone of I'm not telling the truth....?

Well, I don't have it nor do I have any of the others you sent.

Turns out no others have been sent. This one promises to send out a new card.

You'll have it in a few days. I'll drop it in the post for you.

Yeah, the world's flat and the moon is made of green cheese!

Lord help us if a giant bank like BofA can't organize a simple credit card, how the hell are they going to rebuild the economy?


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