Georgetown Conference: Law Firm Evolution: Brave New World or Business as Usual? have written up the Georgetown conference. Here's their take on my panel on Capitalizing Law Firms:
John Flood put things into a sociological perspective by dividing law firms into 4 centuries: 19th century “patriarchal” with 3 partners and 40 managing clerks (a 1:20 ratio); 20th century “professional” with 20 partners and 40-100 assistants; late 20th/21st century “beaucratic” with 100 partners but with shrinking equity, salaried partners, permanent associates, staff attorneys, and professional support staff; and then the 21st century which is … well … Google. If nothing else, his choice of photos was pretty amusing (click here).
Their report on the session continues here. And you can get a better set of slides here.

I am writing up my presentation for the American Lawyer.