2010 Westminster Graduate Conference

The School of Law, University of Westminster, The Westminster International Law & Theory Centre and The Westminster Centre for the Study of Democracy cordially invite you to:

The 2010 Westminster Graduate Conference
Law and Politics: Democracy, Human Rights and Power

Friday, 11th of June, 2010
Room 358, University of Westminster: 309, Regent Street, London W1B

The School of Law, University of Westminster, the Westminster International Law & Theory Centre and the Westminster Centre for the Study of Democracy are pleased to welcome you to the Westminster Graduate Conference on “Law and Politics: Democracy, Human Rights and Power”. The conference aims to be a friendly, workshop-like gathering where graduate students present, discuss and challenge aspects of law, politics and theory in various subject areas.

The conference consists of four sessions dedicated to the problematic relationship between law and politics. The first session in the morning analyses politics and depoliticisation of international and foreign courts. The second session deals with international institutions seeking to organise human rights and democracy abroad. Just before lunch Eric Heinze, Professor of Law and Humanities at Queen Mary, University of London, will deliver the keynote speech on “Rights Consciousness and the Mass Media”. The conference resumes after lunch as session three explores the politics and regulation of space, globalisation and non-state actors. The last session lingers on identities and creativity in law and politics.

Attendance to the conference is free but please reserve a seat by emailing Samantha King S.King2@westminster.ac.uk. For more information please email Laura Niada at l.niada@my.westminster.ac.uk.


Registration and coffee (8.45 – 9.00)

Session One (9.00 – 11.40): The Foreign Trial

Daniela Nadj, “The Culturalisation of Identity in an Age of ‘Ethnic Conflict’ – Depoliticised Gender in ICTY Wartime Sexual Violence Jurisprudence” (University of Westminster)

Munir Nuseibah, “Applying International Humanitarian Law in Occupied Palestinian Territory: Case Study of the Wall” (University of Westminster)

Awol Kassim Allo, “Unruly Defendants and Defense Counsel, the Public and the Political Trial: The Politics of Occupation and Resistance vis-à-vis Terrorism in the Trial of Marwam Barghouti” (University of Glasgow)

John McGroarty, “Politics, the International Judge and the Advancement of Human Rights Jurisprudence at the ECtHR” (University of Glasgow)

Kryss Macleod, “Unbundling Sovereignty: Extraterritoriality and New Boundaries of Authority and Social Unity” (University of the West of Scotland)

Michael Freitas Mohallem, “Immutable Clauses and Judicial Review: the Constitutional Jurisprudence of India, Brazil and South Africa” (University College London)


Session Two (11.50 – 14.00): State Values and Failures

Iskra Andreeva, “‘Common Values’ and the European Union External Identity” (Ghent University, Belgium)

Rosa Freedman, “The United States and the UN Human Rights Council” (Queen Mary University of London)

Anna Blachura, “Collapse of a Vision – International Law and the ‘Failed State Concept’” (University of Westminster)

Frederick Cowell, “Preventing Military Coups in Africa – A Victory of Legalism” (Birkbeck College London)

Vasiliki Saranti, “A System of Collective Defence of Democracy: The Case of the Inter-American Democratic Charter” (Panteion University, Athens, Greece)

Keynote Speech (14.00 – 14.30)

Eric Heinze, Professor of Law and Humanities at Queen Mary, University of London, on “Rights Consciousness and the Mass Media”


Session Three (15.30 – 18.30): Spaces and the Unplaced

Debdatta Chowdhury, “The Politics of Spatial Identity: Marichjhapi Massacre, 1979” (University of Westminster)

Pravin Jeyaraj, “The Tension between Rationality and Relationality in Environmental Law and Policy” (University of Westminster)

Rezarte Vukatana, “The Fragmented Responses to a Global Phenomenon: The Case of Intermediated Securities” (University of Westminster)

Simona Di Sano, “The Third Road to Deal with the Insolvency of Enterprise Groups” (University of Westminster)

Willie R. Mbioh, “‘The Compulsory Licensing of HIV/AIDS Drugs: TRIPS, Africa, and the Political Economy of the Global Procurement of Generic HIV/AIDS-Related Medicines” (University of Kent)

Nlerum Sunday Okogbule, “Appraising the Impact of Human Rights Norms on International Economic Institutions in Relation to Africa” (University of Glasgow)

Avidan Kent, “‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’; the Story of Non-Governmental Organisations and International Law” (Cambridge University)


Session Four (18.45 – 20.30): Creativity and Identity

Danilo Mandic, “Copyright Law and Intangibility: Ideas, Creativity and Technology” (University of Westminster)

Muhammad Abrar, “Public Interest and Electronic Media” (University of Glasgow)

Kay Lalor, “Constituting Sexuality: Rights, Politics and Power in the Gay Rights Movement” (University of Westminster)

Richard Neve, “Making ‘Aliens’ Act like ‘Us’” (University of Westminster)


... And lastly: you are all welcome to join the organising committee to Chutney and Lager (http://www.chutneyandlager.com/) for... cosy drinks and Indian delicacies