Are Your Lawyers from Heaven or Hell?

Hat tip to Neil Rose for this. Solicitors From Hell is a website devoted to letting clients anonymously post or vent their spleen at the horrible things done to them by solicitors.

There are 864 lawyers listed including both solicitors and barristers. Some are well-known names, others less so. But there is no doubting the anger of the complainants. The full list is here.

The website is run by Rick Kordowski from Essex who found himself engaged with solicitors who wouldn't take his calls or talk to him. After the case was lost, he complained to the regulators and won £500 compensation. Thus began his list. As yet he appears not to have lost a defamation battle. You can read more about him and his website in this Independent article.

To balance the equation, Rick has started a counterpart website, Solicitors From Heaven. It's a rather shorter, more anodyne site than the other. Necessary but not so much fun to read.


Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
I have been inspired by your blog to write one of my own and tell the world exactly what happened to me. It can be found here: Please come with me on this journey.
Anonymous said…
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