Back to Buffalo with a New Paper

Back in April 2010 I attended a workshop at the University of Buffalo School of Law on ethics in practice. The aim of the workshop was
How do lawyers resolve ethical problems in the everyday context of law practice? What issues commonly emerge in different practice specialties and what are the norms and rules for resolving them? This is the first conference that focuses on the empirical research on lawyers' work and their actual decision making in a wide variety of practice contexts. Participants will examine the work of lawyers in a number of practice areas, identifying one or more ethical issues that arise in the practice area. Scholars will present their research, embedding lawyers' decision making in both the professional world of ethical codes and the social and economic setting of the workplace.
Lynn Mather and Leslie Levin are editing a book for the University of Chicago Press and this week was the deadline for the contributors'  chapters.

I have now put a version of mine, "Transnational Lawyering: Clients, Ethics and Regulation" on SSRN for immediate download. Any comments would be most welcome.