Revolution or Evolution? The Future of Legal Services

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Legal Support Network has just published its fourth briefing on legal services reform. The thrust of the issue is to prefigure what will happen in a year's time when Alternative Business Structures start running.

There is an interview with Stephen Mayson about the future of the legal sector and Neil Rose (of Legal Futures) writes about the shape of the new regulatory landscape. Outcomes-focused regulation will be "regulation for grown-ups" according to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. What will be the outcomes for clients? The entity/firm not the individual lawyer will be responsible, and that goes wider than lawyers.

Finally, there's an article on "Welcome to the Revolution" which says it's already happening. Disclosure: I'm one of the people interviewed for this piece. Despite that it's good.

Happy reading and you can download the Briefing here. And remember, at the best of times, revolutions can be unsettling....

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