So, What Kind of Stuff Do You Write?

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This summer has been one of writing and most of all, rewriting. Draft after draft, constantly seeking constructive praise--who wants criticism? But constructive criticism is what I got, which is more than the faux-Blair above and his writer received.

Given that I'm still alive and the criticism was good, I have put the final drafts of two papers on SSRN for download.

The first is "Transnational Lawyering: Clients, Ethics and Regulation" in Lawyers in Practice: Ethical Decision Making in Context, Lynn Mather and Leslie Levin, eds., University of Chicago Press, 2011.

The second is "The Re-Landscaping of the Legal Profession: Large Law Firms and Professional Re-Regulation" Current Sociology, vol 59 (4) 2011.

Amongst other things, I am now in the throes of revising my PhD dissertation from some time ago for Alan Childress' new series of Classic Dissertations for Quid Pro Books. For more on this venture see here.

Summer is turning into a busy Fall.

PS. I'm reading a certain politician's memoir--see above again--and it's not very good, rather gushing and over-earnest. If you can find a remaindered copy it might be worth buying.


TheSouthPole said…
Well done on the writings, John! Sounds like you've had a busy summer.
John Flood said…
Well, now, M, it seems you are having a busy time too heading off around the US--Texas, New Orleans. Luck you! I liked Austin; it helps it is the only liberal bit of Texas...

Now I'm trying to imagine you talking Polish with a deep south accent. That's fun!

Good luck.