Silk or Blood on the Floor....

The paler Martha gets in the BBC drama Silk, and she is beginning to look like a character from a Noh play, the more tanned and fit the others look. But our hearts bleed for her.

That was the motif for tonight's programme--literally and metaphorically, blood on the floor everywhere. Martha miscarries; a chambers' putsch narrowly missed a blood-letting; and a judge inconveniently bleeds all over his hall floor after Martha's favorite rent boy client goes free (almost) again.

Phew! Sometimes Silk takes your breath away. Once again, I sit enthralled and think why am I watching this?

It was difficult to see who was the bad and who was the good. Billy, the clerk, is tipping listing officers--I never did see that--to get a floater to drift a bit more while inserting a mole in the chambers insurrection. As the head of chambers says: "Billy is 80% and 20% bad." The moral of that is we can live with it. Well, if you come from Essex I suppose it's normal. As for John, the poor junior clerk with an honest heart, well he comes across as a bit of a goody-goody. I don't think he's cut out for clerking.

Martha does get her merit badge, ie. silk, while bounder Clive must wait for another time. But we are left on tenterhooks as to which pupil is taken on. I suspect it will have to be both otherwise they will bitch and come back to haunt us. Ultimately, good triumphs or rather 80% does.

Maybe this is what series two of Silk will look like when Martha glams it up as a silk.