Google Law!

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It's happened. Google has entered the law business! Google has invested in Rocket Lawyer according to Forbes magazine which says Rocket Lawyer has 70,000 users a day. Paul Lippe also covers this at the New Normal.

I've been giving presentations for the past couple of years where I have always finished with a picture of Google's logo and said, "There's the world's next biggest law firm. Beat that if you can." It was usually met with disbelief.

Google analyzes information very well and law is information. At some level there will be the need for sophisticated interpretation via human thought but for how much longer?

First it was Tesco Law and now it's Google Law!

Rock on....


And probably more relevant than Tesco Law. Not relevant to those of a certain generation but there is a particular generation growing up online and connected. Expecting to be online and connected in everything they do. Monitoring with interest.
John Flood said…
Yes, this will be the way. And Google has the ability and resources to make it work.