Tuesday, December 06, 2011

My Dog Used To Be Exactly Like This!

I'm feeling a bit dozy as I have just drafted a research grant application but there's a lot more to go yet...

[If you look over to the right there are pictures of my former Pekingese. Pao, the black one, doubtless heard the crowds when chasing his squeaky ball. He made enough racket which sounded like "Plausa, plausa...."]

(Thanks to New Yorker)


Ethan Rehman said...

Pao seems to be very possessive with his ball. Well, it's a dog's natural instinct. Teri, my Mini-Schnauzer, is quite territorial. He doesn't want anybody messing around his mat, especially our cat. :)

John Flood said...

Yes, Pao was territorial! And if it squeaked, even more so. All squeaky toys belonged to Pao...anywhere in the universe!