Life With Law

(This is the second event and for more information about the first look here) 

Life With Law: Second in reflective series of events encourages lawyers to change how they think about time 

Lawyers On Demand continues its series of reflective events aimed at ‘the thinking lawyer’ – bypassing the usual professional development themes to explore the real issues that underpin the reality of working in the law today.

Its second event providing inspiration and ideas on working life is being held on 17 April 2013. It focuses on turning lawyers’ usual (rather conflicted) relationship with time on its head and looks at how they can make time work for them.

Whilst the Life With Law events are the brainchild of alternative legal service providers Lawyers On Demand, these events are intended to be a general forum for lawyers to reflect on how they work best, however they choose to practice.

Simon Harper, Co-Founder of Lawyers On Demand, points out that: "From training, lawyers work in an environment where they are required to record their time every six minutes - resulting in a rather unusual take on time management. This free event is for any lawyer who wants to take back time and make it work better for their teams and for themselves."

Who: Guest speakers for this second event include Radio 4 presenter and author of Time Warped Claudia Hammond and BBC columnist, TED speaker, broadcaster and author Tom Chatfield.

What: Life With Law is a series of free talks offering inspiration and ideas for living a good, happy and satisfying life while practising law. The second event, How To Make Time Work For You, includes guest talks on 'Making time in the digital age' and 'How we perceive and control our time'.

When: 6.30pm, Wednesday 17th April 2013

Where: BLP, The Auditorium, Adelaide House, London Bridge, London, EC4R 9HA

Why: Feedback from the successful first event in the series proved that lawyers, though good at helping their clients, aren’t always so good at managing their own lives – or at helping their team to manage theirs. Life With Law provides a forum for lawyers to find inspiration, featuring some of the best speakers to help lawyers reflect and then make their ideas happen. The first event in the series, Finding Your Path & Making Things Happen, attracted over 100 lawyers to hear guest talks on ‘The surprising science of better decision making’ and ‘Discovering the life that you want’. 

In a world where work-life balance has become meaningless, Life With Law is about lawyers finding time to reflect and making mindful choices in their daily working lives. For more information go to or follow @lifewithlaw on Twitter.