Friday, August 05, 2005

What A Day.............

I have been teaching a course called "Global Lawyering" for the University of Miami Law School this summer. It's fun because I can put in whatever I like and for the students it is vastly different to what they have experienced in their first year of law school. To help keep it current I ran a webpage from my homepage at the university. (Of course, if you click on this link, it takes you to a log in page instead of my home page. This is indicative of the stupidity of the new system. Inaccessibility rather than accessibility. It now takes 10 to 12 clicks from the university home page to my page. And that's why I now have It has been very easy to maintain, until today. The university redesigned the law school website, instituted the changes without telling us. Suddenly everything didn't work. My students couldn't find the webpage and what was worse they take their exam tomorrow.

I had to recreate the page on another free website host as best I could. It took two hours of uploading and correcting links. But at least it gave the students enough material for their revision.

I hate bureaucracies!

However, the day was successful. I managed to finish my part of our report on case allocation, and I completed the revisions on our article on legal aid (see earlier blogs). The editor of Civil Justice Quarterly accepted it about five minutes after I emailed it to him. Yes!

I also finally got rid of, ie, sent it in, the wretched job evaluation form (also in earlier blog). I haven't a clue if I filled it correctly or made any sense. Barmy exercise--more bureaucrats!

To complete the day, I pulled out from the stack a review of a research proposal to the AHRC. I can't say what it was about, but it was a good proposal, which I much prefer to write about than poor ones.

It is now about midnight and I'm going to take my dog, Chang (see photo), for a walk around the block and try and forget about wrecked web pages, broken down scanners (yep), and viruses that corrupt your programs (yep again). It's time to throw the computer out of the window.

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