Friday, October 07, 2005

My New Website!

Today is terrific! I have a new website up and running. It's Following the brouhaha surrounding the university changing its website and not telling us in the law school (see August 5 blog), I decided I should control my own little bit of cyberspace. I wanted to put up copies of my papers for download and run web pages for classes as and when I felt like it.

I worked with a web designer called Caroline Mockett who is located at She has designed a simple yet sophisticated website that is fully searchable. All the papers are tagged with keywords, so that one can search through the database with terms such as globalisation, big bang, culture, lawyers, bankruptcy, and so on. Alternatively, papers can be listed by date, category, or co-author. The database works behind the scenes: all the potential reader has to do is point, click and download. It's all very user-friendly. My details are there as well as links to useful research websites.

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