Thursday, January 05, 2006

Law Blogs

Discovering new blogs in one's field is a joy. I want to mention two: one long-established and the other new.

1. Adam Smith, inquiry into the economics of law firms has been running since the start of 2004. Blogger Bruce MacEwen is a lawyer and consultant who comments on various topics to do with law firms and practice. His analysis is excellent and I think what he says is very helpful to academics interested in this field.

2. Wall St Journal Online Law Blog started on 2 January 2006, so it's definitely the new kid on the block. It is updated throughout the day therefore it's essential to refresh your cache to get the latest news. Items cover law practice, commercial law, white collar crime, M&A and so on. I will be using it intensively along with the Financial Times website to keep up with the British content on these topics.

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Bruce said...

John: Many thanks! Very kind of you.

Bruce of Adam Smith, Esq.