Sunday, April 02, 2006

Globalization of the Legal Profession

This coming week I shall be in Bloomington, Indiana, speaking at a symposium on the Globalization of the Legal Profession. It is being organized by William Henderson, Associate Professor of Law. For me this is an unusual and exciting opportunity because of the range of people he has invited to speak. We are British and American academics, practising lawyers and consultants, and bloggers, for example, Bruce MacEwen of Adam Smith Esq. (It would be rare to find such a symposium in the UK: it would be either academics or practitioners.)

The expressed them of the symposium is:

"Much has been written on the process of globalization and its effects on international and individual state law. The impact of globalization on the legal profession has received far less systematic attention, despite a universal recognition that the practice of law and the economic and personal lives of lawyers may be on the brink of profound transformation. The purpose of this unique symposium is to initiate dialogue about how globalization is fundamentally changing the work lives and professional opportunities of lawyers in the U.S. and abroad. Prominent figures in the global legal industry will explore various interrelated themes on the issues facing legal profession, including law firm strategy, the relevance of geography, the lawmaking role of transnational lawyers, and how cultural norms affect or shape our perceptions of ethical lawyering. The program will include presentation of scholarly papers and responses by symposium participants."

If you look at the symposium website, through the link above, you will find a number of the papers available online, including my own, and also links to biographies of the speakers. I shall report more as it progresses.

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Doug Skelley said...

Dr. Flood,

I cannot thank you enough for attending our conference here in Bloomington, Indiana. It was an absolute success, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

Very best wishes!