Thursday, August 31, 2006

Summertime And The Living Ain't So Easy...

I haven't written much of late because of work. Somehow the summer has turned out to be busier than any other time of year. It is not supposed to be this way. (But it's kept me out of mischief...).

In June/July I had two conferences, one in Germany and the other in the US. From that I returned to teach immediately a summer school class, Global Lawyering, for the University of Miami Law School. This year the class was rather popular with over 60 students, up from 16 last year. I'm doing the final grading for that.

I then had two papers to complete. One for a book on professions edited by associates at Lancaster Business School; the other will appear in the Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies. This last was finished yesterday. I'm not used to writing in the US law school bluebook style. It requires obsessive cross-checking and excludes useful information like the publisher. Frankly, it's an awful style compared to more "normal" ways of writing like Harvard or Chicago.

Summer is also the time when graduate students write their LLM dissertations. Drafts of chapters and sections come dropping into the Inbox. Whether they listen to what I say...?

I also have to write a new paper for a workshop in Onati at the Institute for the Sociology of Law. The workshop is on 25 September, so there isn't much time. It will be about the relationship between bankers and lawyers. I interviewed my first lawyer-banker last night.

Just before then I have another workshop at Lancaster on professions and I am talking about the effects of Clementi on the legal profession in the UK and elsewhere.

Then term starts......And it looks as though the job evaluation process for professors that I've mentioned before is going awry, again.

Tomorrow, I am off to Hong Kong for a break. On landing the first thing I'm going to do is get an hour-long foot massage--one of the best sensations ever!


I haven't mentioned this before, but my house is going to be part of the "Open House London" weekend in September. We will be open on Sunday, 17 September. The idea behind this is to let people experience "architecture in the flesh". You can catch some early pictures of my house on Channel 4's "Grand Designs" website. If you are interested in visiting, please contact me, otherwise check out the Hackney section of the Open House book.


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johnflood said...

I've just finished my paper for the Institute for the Sociology of Law conference on 25 September. Most of it was done in the last couple of days following the Lancaster Workshop. I have posted the paper on my website at I'm now off to pack: early flight--7am--tomorrow...Ciao...