Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Art of Students' Writing

To my astonishment someone was able to translate the incomprehensible student's research question posted earlier (see comment). The translator must have been an habitué of Bletchley Park in a previous incarnation.

I spent the last session with my students talking about the art of writing and how they could learn and practise it. Asking them to write research questions is a way of seeing how they can condense and focus their ideas. Sometimes they focus and condense a bit too much. And other times they don't do either. Partly, it is they are not reading the assigned materials that would tell them how to compose research questions. When I tell them to read the materials the quality changes, usually for the better. But too many think, "Oh, a question! Sure, I'll write the first thing that comes into my head and send it to the professor. He'll fix it." That depends if there is anything to fix, of course.

These examples are some recent entries into the Pantheon. And, believe me, I responded to each of these trying to improve them. It's not easy. They appear as they came to me: I have not edited them or changed spellings or altered punctuation.

Does a gap exist in international criminal responsibility?

Should natural environment be assigned with legal rights?

The role (manipulation) of population during the elections in the less developed countries like Ukraine?

Have the decisions of the Security Council provoked a critic

What role does the European Union, as a regional integration body, play in the arena of the United Nations and how it affects transnational relations?"

Is there a correlation between change in legislation and changes in domestic voilence patterns?

How could the international community principlly (UK, US, Frence and Baligum) not intervene in Rwanda after witnessing such atrocities.

Definition of Crimes Against Humanity: Evolution from the Charter of Nuremberg tribunal to the ICC Statute".

Could liberalization of drug laws reduce crime in the U.S?

To what extent did "the sovereignty equality of states" theory work?

Why does capital punishment still exist in the united states?


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