Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Maybe There Won't Be Bargain Basement Justice After All

Following from my post yesterday about Poland's plan to limit lawyers' fees to a maximum of 70 euros an hour, it may not happen.

The Polish government is in trouble. The Kaczynski twins' Law and Justice party has lost the support of the left-wing Self-Defence party and the right-wing League of Polish Families' party. The twins (both lawyers by the way) have developed paranoia to new heights. To upset both the left and right takes talent. And, of course, they nearly derailed the EU reform treaty in June, blaming Germany's actions in the second world war for their present "small" population.

There will have to be a general election and as the Kaczynskis haven't exactly fulfilled their election promises, they won't win. Maybe lawyers can breathe easily now. I would still buff those pro bono activities as fee caps could always return.

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