Monday, November 12, 2007

Pakistan--The Shame Continues

If Musharraf is being leaned on by the US, and the poodle UK, he's conceding ground very, very grudgingly. He is still defending his coup d'etat, which is essentially indefensible. The press are chained. People arrested for protesting his dictatorial actions are still in prison. And the Supreme Court remains emasculated.

Musharraf, although he will run elections in January now, won't reinstate the Supreme Court or the other judges who have refused to take the illegitimate oath of allegiance. Iftikhar Chaudhry is under house arrest and probably whatever concessions Musharraf might be forced to make, he will resist reinstating Chaudhry. Because Chaudhry has focussed attention on the core illegality of Musharraf's reign, that he can't be both commander in chief and head of government simultaneously. The constitution forbids it and Chaudhry won't let him or the people of Pakistan or the world forget it.

Now Musharraf wants the newly-reconstructed Supreme Court to sanction his status until the election, whereas he is supposed to give up his military status if he wants to contest the election.

The rule of law is vacant here. I hope the Commonwealth has the cojones to do something about it.

Chaudry should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for his courageous defence of Pakistan's human rights and fledgling democracy. Members of international courts are eligible to submit nominations for the Peace Prize. Now is a chance to honour one of your own.


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