Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Win a Free Legal Practice Course?

Well, not a free one but an outfit called the National College of Legal Training (NCLT) is offering a £5000 discount on their Legal Practice Course and their Graduate Diploma in Law. Apparently, this is a competition run through Facebook.

According the press release I received, the usual fee is £7,500 or thereabouts, so the money is good. If you enter you have to provide a bunch of information to Facebook and a company called Wildfire whose T&C are here. I have no idea what the odds of winning are.

You could even end up like this:

(thank you, Peter)

Disclosure: I've received no inducement to publish this nor do I endorse it. But in this day of spiralling tuition rates I might have a go.

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Greg said...

£5000 off any tuition course is one hell of a competition. Would that I had heard of this before applying to my current Legal Practice Course. That said I still would have applied because it's where I wanted to go and the odds of me winning couldn't have been to far off the like of the lotto.