Friday, June 03, 2011

You Might Not Have Been Aware the World Was Ending....

(Meatpacking district in NYC)

According to the New York Times law firms are upping sticks and hiking across the invisible boundary line that divides civilization from the savages. They're moving from the East Side of NYC across Fifth Avenue to the West Side!

It would be like London law firms moving from the City to Dalston, Hackney, where it's so hip it hurts:

(By the way, two guys tried to sell a Banksy, stuck to a 4 ton wall, on TV last night. They wanted £300,000 for it and turned down £240,000--fools!)

I think the West Side has a bit of catching up to do......
West Side's good but it is getting on a bit now.

Dalston's got its super, whizz-bang new tube.

It's also got a new roof garden park which is just a tad smaller than the High Line, but we've got to start somewhere. So what's keeping the law firms?

(Dalston Roof Garden)



Julian said...

Come on John, you only want them as neighbours so you don't have to travel into the City to talk to them!

John Flood said...

Damn, how did you know the 242 bus is so slow!