Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Help the Maldives

We think of the Maldives as an idyllic place for scuba diving and stress-free holidays. But it isn't.

Yesterday, the army and police joined forces to mount a coup against the democratic government. President Nasheed is missing and other government officials will meet the same fate.

The Maldivian Democratic Party has put out an urgent appeal:
We strongly condemned the violent attack by the Maldivian Police Service on President Nasheed and senior officials of the MDP. President Nasheed is being beaten up as of now in an ongoing peaceful protest in the capital Male'. Mariya Didi and Reeko Moosa and several other MPs have been beaten up and arrested. We urgently appeal to the international community to assist us in securing their release and to call upon the government of Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan to halt beating up of unarmed and peaceful protesters.
 My former PhD student is concerned for her family's safety. She says
I am from the Maldives and at the moment the Maldives is going through a very tough time. The Maldives was a dictatorship for 30 years (1978-2008). And in 1980 my father was sentenced for life in jail and tortured for absolutely no reason but the President then Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to gain more popularity (only later found out). During this time me and my family were subjected all forms of difficulties by the then government. And now again the ex-President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom has organised a coup and people are being beaten by the police. A women has just passed away due to injuries from beatings by the police about 30 mins ago.

My father is currently the mayor of Male' (capital of Maldives), and he has received death threats today. He might be taken too by the police. My cousin has been beaten an hour ago by the police and taken into police custody. Please read the attachment from the Maldivian Democratic Party. 

If you can assist me in anyway that would be most helpful.
 Unfortunately India, the main power in the region, has said it looks forward to working with new regime.

For those who see the picture at the top, the Daily Telegraph reports
British holidaymakers are unlikely to be affected by the recent civil unrest in the Maldives, according to tour operators.
 I can't work out if that's British phlegm or something else......


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