Monday, February 18, 2013

Top Ten Legal Profession Stories of 2012

A short post to give a heads up to an excellent post by Laurel Terry on the Top Ten Legal Profession Stories of 2012 over at Legal Ethics Forum.

The stories are:
  1. ABS go live in the UK
  2. The influence of the Troika
  3. Market liberalization in countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia
  4. Market access contraction in Brazil and Vietnam
  5. Developments in India's ongoing UPL saga
  6. FATF and Gatekeeper developments
  7. US action (or not) on accreditation of foreign law schools
  8. New resources regarding admission and legal practice outside the US
  9. Formation of an international network of legal regulators
  10. National developments
This is a comprehensive collection and should be essential reading.



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