Sunday, March 24, 2013

ReInvent Law London 2013

(thank you to gapingvoidart)

My friend Renee Knake has sent me the latest information on ReInvent Law London 2013. It has the makings of a most interesting event, as you'll see when you read the rules.....

ReInvent Law London 2013 will be an open, crowd-sourced conference! For the first time ever, talks will be selected by the public.  Anyone can pitch a topic, and everyone can vote.
Here are the rules:
1.  Submit your 300-word or 30-second-YouTube-video pitch at between now and midnight, April 5, 2013.
2.  Select your favorite pitch when the voting window opens in early April.  One person, one vote—but feel free to encourage colleagues, friends, family and more to vote for your pitch!
3.  Talks must relate to some aspect of law + technology + innovation + entrepreneurship.  This is about big ideas—no sales pitches or product pushing.
4.  Winners will have up to 10 minutes to speak, and will then respond to dynamic, real-time, audience-driven Q&A.
5.  You can also sign up here for a FREE ticket to witness ReInvent Law London, June 14, 2013.
ReInvent Law London is part of Michigan State University College of Law's 21st Century Law Practice Summer Program.  You can learn more about law + tech + design + delivery at


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