Monday, September 02, 2013

2018: New roles to revolutionize training...

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According to Nina Simon, who created the image above, revolution is not ever-increasing circles but a dramatic shift in the centre of the circle. So, in the spirit of revolution I have participated in The Lawyer's series on 2018: A Window into the Future

I was interviewed for the article, 2018: New Roles to Revolutionize Training. The article starts

Prediction: The number of training contracts will fall but new routes into the profession will multiply.
When it comes to legal education crystal ball-gazing should be easy, shouldn’t it? After all, the report intended to shape thinking about the junior end of the profession for years to come has just been published.
So has the Legal Education and Training Review (LETR) cleared the waters? Not really. Its recommendations are not radical and the reaction to it has been one of mild disappointment, the profession failing even to summon up enough energy to stick the boot in....
I'm arguing that entry pathways will become more pluralistic to reflect the fragmentation of the legal profession and the legal services market.


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