Monday, September 16, 2013

Memories of when I started training at London Fields Fitness with Katy...

Katy MacKay (@Katytrainer) was my trainer for 18 months at London Fields Fitness. Sadly, our crazy immigration laws have meant she's had to return to Australia. I, and a large number of others, really miss her. 

She introduced me, with complete shock and awe, to Kettle Bells, which one swings maniacally while madly grimacing. Whether the Kettle Bell swings me or I it, I leave to sundry Zen masters. It is, however, a magical instrument. So much so, I now own seven of them!

Katy made this little video out of clips she would film to show us what we were doing...or not.

Long may you swing your Kettle Bell, Katy. 


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