LawTech and the Legal Profession and Academy

(thanks to Law, Technology and Humans

A new journal started by my colleague, Kieran Tranter, has published its first issue. Law, Technology and Humans is an open access journal committed to the wide and unrestricted dissemination of knowledge:

Law, Technology and Humans encourages scholarship that reflects on how technology is changing law, regulation and normative conduct and also how law, regulation and normative conduct effects local and global challenges and opportunities from technological change.
The first issue has a symposium on automation and disruption in the legal profession and a set of general articles on technology and law.

A group of us--Lisa Webley, Kieran Tranter, Kate Galloway, Julian Webb, Francesca Bartlett and I--wrote the first two articles in the symposium. They are:

The Profession(s)’ Engagements with LawTech: The Role that Meta-Narratives Play


The Legal Academy’s Engagements with LawTech: Technology Archetypes as Drivers of Change

You can download the articles from these links. 

There is now a call for submissions to issue 2 due out May 2020.