Phew....I'm so Relieved...Post Gig

My standup gig went completely differently from what I was expecting. We had a full house that was buzzing. And thanks to Barry for doing such a great MC job tonight. He really warmed up the house, especially with his version of "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean..." which involved the audience having to raise and lower themselves according to the "B" in the line. I know, it sounds weird but it worked.

I was third on the bill and was settling into a riff about Stephen Hawking, Hamas, and black holes when the mic and speakers started talking to me! It was very spooky. So I had to improvise about aliens speaking to me through black holes. Trouble was the aliens kept disagreeing with everything I was saying. Still people laughed. And I made it to the end.

Afterwards a number of people were convinced that I had made this happen as part of the act. I wish it had been then I would have known what the hell I was doing. The feedback kept cropping up in ways I didn't expect. It makes you think on your feet fast. And actually it was fun in a perverse way.

I hope to have a video of the set soon and I will put it up for all to see. Ouch!


Well done John! I have to see you in this alternative role one day. It must have been thrilling to have faced the unexpected and still made people laugh. That's real talent, I think.