Wondering What to Do on a Sunday?

Here's a potentially addictive past time. Go to the YouTube Time Machine and input your year of birth and see what was playing in the movies and on TV. You will either be shocked or pleasantly surprised.

The range goes from 1860 to 2010, so all ages are catered for.

A friend of mine was born in 1973 and her year produces some real shockers....starting with a movie trailer for The Student Teachers (I really don't need to say any more, do I?). But in fact it does improve; Bruce Lee made Enter the Dragon and they don't get better. Well perhaps, Serpico came out then. And so did The Young Nurses (lord help us...I swear it's the same cast as the teachers...). The 70s have an awful lot to answer for, including this....

Need I say more!

(HT to b3ta.com)