Damp Squib Day....

Damp squib day or bad firework day.... This was meant to be the Big Bang of legal services when the thrillingly named Alternative Business Structures took off into the stratosphere.

Not even a fizzle.

This is because the Solicitors Regulation Authority and the Ministry of Justice can't get their act together. So while we shall have licensed conveyancer ABS, we won't have lawyer-type ones until next year. Stephen Mayson had some choice words to say about the SRA's dilatoriness recently.

A law firm no one has heard of says it's going to float on a stock market I'd never heard of either. The post-ABS world is buzzing and exploding in the firmament.

That's about it on this tremendous day.

And if you google damp squib, this is what you get. Don't ask.


Julian Webb said…
I've just posted on this in more serious mode over at hEaD space... think I prefer your version :-) But as I point out we shouldn't overlook that today is also the start of OFR... and my instinct tells me heaven help us on that one.