The Global Context of Re-Regulation the Legal Services Market

The Leverhulme Trust has kindly awarded me a research fellowship for the next two years. The Trust says this about its approach to research:

The approach of the Leverhulme Trust can be characterised simply as: Tell us (in plain language) what research you want to do, and why it is compelling, and if that sounds persuasive we will try to fund the work.

I will be studying "The New Legal Services Market". The research will embody a global perspective given the moves made by Australia and those being imposed by the Troika on Ireland, Greece and Portugal. I should add parenthetically that being global means I will be travelling outside London, even to New York.


Peter Lederer said…
This is a double win, John, once for you and once for the contribution to our knowledge in this field that your work will produce. Congratulations!
Rob Rosen said…
Fantastic. A wise decision.